Can Social Media Activity Boost Organic Search Ranking? [Infographic]

Think social media networks are for teenagers and college students? Think again! That social media mention, retweet or connection can greatly impact your business or blog’s search engine optimization (SEO) success. Long gone are the days when backlinks reined supreme. Today your social media engagement is calling most of the shots and telling Google, Yahoo! and Bing how good your business or blog really is – not how good you think it is!

TastyPlacement ran a test of 5 US-based websites (and a 6th as the “control” website) on 5 social media networks to gauge the influence of social media network communication on search engine rankings. What were the results? Well, take a look at the infographic below. If you haven’t been using Google+, this may change your mind.

Testing Social Signals Infographic


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