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Why Google+ Is Not The Holy Grail Of SEO

Social influence is rapidly becoming a bigger priority in search engine optimization (SEO). Every day, more and more potential customers are using Google to research their purchases before even visiting a website or walking into a store. With the advent of Authorship and AuthorRank, Google seems to have become the holy grail of SEO. But,… Read the Full Article →

3 Link Building Steps to Increase Your Blog Rankings

Blog posts are great content and both the search engines and humans love great content. However, most blogs don’t get the recognition they deserve because they don’t receive the necessary links back to their blog to help others find this great content. If you’ve ever been frustrated that your blog isn’t receiving links back, then… Read the Full Article →

What It Takes for Your Website to Fail SEO

Just because your website doesn’t use black hat SEO tactics, doesn’t mean it’s practicing good SEO for success. Your business website or blog can easily fail in getting indexed, attracting links or building a solid online brand authority. Here’s some insights into the most commonly spotted website fails and how you can get out from… Read the Full Article →

Getting Started: SEO 101 for Businesses

If you have a business or company website, you definitely want it to be easy to find by your online target market. Search engine optimization (SEO), will help your business’s online success by improving the visibility of your website in the search engines. Here are some great optimization tips to get you started to Stand… Read the Full Article →

The 9 Circles of Marketing Hell: Do You Have Your Ticket? [Infographic]

Have you committed a marketing offense? Did the search engines and your customers chew you up and spit you out? Some marketing offenses are so evil that there’s only one place for those people to go… Hell. If you’re not sure if you committed 1 of the 9 deadly marketing sins, then you should pay… Read the Full Article →

Dropping Design and User Experience from SEO Plan Kills Your Success

You know what’s missing from most website’s SEO plans? It’s simple. Most of the time, it’s the design and user experience that take a backseat to search engine optimization (SEO) strategic plans. Businesses and bloggers care more about getting people to their websites, but, without design and user experience, your website will never be successful.… Read the Full Article →

Human SEO: The Future of the Google Search Engine

The search engines have always been about answering people’s questions quickly. But, as you know, what people say in a conversation and what they type on their devices are totally two different types of communication. We don’t speak in keywords and the search engines are finally paying attention with Google “building the search engine of… Read the Full Article →

How to Get Google to Display Your Business Logo

If you want Google to display your business or organizational logo on the search engine results page, then you’ll want to know how to use’s Organization Markup in your SEO strategic plan. A bit of simple code on your website and you’re logo will be displayed on relational content on the SERPs. Google launched… Read the Full Article →

“Penguin Proof” Black Hat SEO Scam Alert

Imagine that you just opened your email box to find an email that catches your attention. The subject reads "Advanced Link Building Solution" and you can't help but feel intrigued to read the email. You know you need more links to your website in order to increase your website’s SEO and this just may be… Read the Full Article →